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***SPAM*** Business Proposition, Very Confidential

Good day to you, I guess this might sound strange to you receiving an
email from on unknown person. My name is Mr.George Stravridise. I am a
banker I write to contact you for a very important and confidential
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completion. I am contacting you after a careful thought that you might
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In 2014, A customer, an international businessman made a fixed deposit
for 36 months, valued at US$12.5 Million with my bank. I was his
account officer. The maturity date for this deposit contract was 16th
of September 2017. A month before and after maturity date, a reminder
was sent to the customer to ascertain if he will roll over the deposit
or have the contract sum withdrawn but no response. On the 27th of
December 2017, another message was sent all to no avail. Finally on
the 24th of january 2018, the news of his death came to limelight.

The said customer died with his entire family in a plane crash on the
31st of December 2017 off the coast of Australia. My reason for
contacting you is because the deposit document which the bank have,
has no beneficiary or next of kin in it which prompted my contacting

Therefore, I am seeking your co-operation to present you as his
business partner or relation and the beneficiary of the fund since no
one was named as the next of kin or the beneficiary. I am assuring you
from my side that i will perfect everything and ensure that the money
is released to you without any hitch. If you are interested and
willing to handle this deal, I intend that you retain 50% of the funds
while 50% shall be for me. Both of us will then take care of any
expenses that might come up at the course of the transfer as you know,
this is a deal. Please keep this proposal as a top secret or delete
it if you are not interested at all. I look forward to hearing from

Best Regards,